LCT 7074

Last week on our zoom Session Daniel Jessop, Community Participation Officer from the D- Day story shared with us on the exciting journey and restoration of LCT 7074. We were all very surprised that it was used as a nightclub before it was fully restored to it’s former glory. When restrictions are lifted it will be well worth a visit.

LCT 7074 Journey

After it was retired, LCT 7074 was turned into a nightclub but fell into disrepair and sank in Birkenhead docks. Now, following a multi-million pound restoration project by our partner, the National Museum of the Royal Navy  – with backing from the National Lottery Heritage Fund  – LCT 7074 has been restored to its former glory.

It now stands proudly outside The D-Day Story, to further tell the stories of those involved in D-Day, and to keep alive their heroic acts.

Board the LCT using the ramp at the front (bow), which was used to unload the tanks and vehicles it carried. On board you’ll find the Sherman and Churchill tanks which used to stand at the front of the museum. These have been positioned on the tank deck to give you an impression of what an LCT full of vehicles would look like – and show off the vessel’s sheer size. However, on D-Day, LCT 7074 carried 10 tanks!