What do we do?

We are a community group that offer regular meetings, relevant topics and refreshments at the Havelock community centre.

How can I join?

We have a contact page – email us your details or contact us through our Facebook page.

Where do we meet and how often?

We regular met on a Thursday between 12:30 and 2:30pm at the Haverlock Centre. As we can’t meet in person, we have zoom meetings on a Thursday – please contact us if you would like to join.

What are your upcoming events?

We often hold many events throughout the year and you can sign up for them on our homepage. If you would like to know about our upcoming events then click here.

What are our policies?

Please find our policies page here.


Recently one of our members Lucky Haque, took part in a video to encourage folks to take the vaccine to stop Covid-19. Watch the video here.

FGM 2021

Chat over Chai was recently involved with Stop Domestic Abuse to support their campaign on FGM.

Gaming and Gambling Awareness

Recently Chat Over Chai ran a Zoom meeting with Gamcare. They offer support for anyone who’s affected by gambling or gaming addiction. Please click here for more information or download these files for more help.